Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Thoughts

Well yesterday was a difficult day, it's one that I have a lot where I feel the need to go back into the restaurant business. Have you ever had such a yearning for something it hurts? Well that's what it felt like. I tried to keep busy to get my mind off of it, so I did my usual days work of making glass beads and some busy work like cleaning my jewelry desk up (which always stays a mess). After supper, I dug up rocks to put in my walking path out to my studio, yep busy work.

Today is a different story. Today I am so thankful for what I have or should I say what I don't have?!?! Waking up with a terrible headache I pushed through it and got outside enjoying the beautiful day and the stress free life I have now. Those are hard to come by when your cooking and running a restaurant 12 hours a day.

I'm walking around our property munching out on the black raspberries and blueberries thinking how lucky am I! Worrying myself over something so silly when all that really matters in life is faith, family, friends, food and shelter.

While in my gardens I spotted a fuzzy antlered buck munching away. What a beautiful sight! Of course one I see regularly, but nice anyway. As long as he stays out of my garden that is!

So I walk back to my upper garden and work on my october beans tying them up a little from where their flopping around and spot that I have a mess of peas ready to be picked. I get on the picking right away and get a small mess, but this only the first picking. I got my peas in a late this year so I'm a little behind.

I take them to the front porch to shell as I'm watching the hummingbirds fighting over the sugar water, o yes this is a great life! Too many times we realize how blessed we are only after we've lost it. Daily I'm striving to see the beauty around me and stop to enjoy it.

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