Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canning Canning

Well it's been pretty busy here, Saturday I canned 18 pints of corn relish, 4 pints of muscadine grape juice, 2 quarts and 1 pint of green beans and finally made two loaves of wheat bread. Boy, was I beat that evening! But the feeling you get at the end of that hard day or when you go to your full pantry and see all of those beautiful organic homemade goodies just makes your heart leap with joy, or it does me anyway ;>) I have to mention that I have a little helper, my hubby. He gets right in there and helps me every step of the way!

I made this green tomato chow chow last week when my beautiful tomatoes suddenly got a late blight and started rotting! Oh well, when life gives you lemons make chow chow! I got 18 pints out of them anyway.


Andrew Thornton said...

I applaud your stamina! I wish that I canned and baked bread more.

Terry said...

A lot of people think I'm crazy canning so much but I really enjoy it.


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