Thursday, March 4, 2010

15 Fun & Random Facts About Me

  1. I laugh when I'm nervous and it usually happens at very inappropriate times.
  2. I'm a sweets addict-I love all kinds of goodies (need to work on that).
  3. I hate sappy love songs.
  4. Although some of my favorite movies have a sad ending, I'll take a comedy any day!
  5. I'm haunted daily with the urge to go back into the restaurant business.
  6. I love the scent of new pencils and book stores.
  7. I'm highly sensitive to odors, especially bad stuff like car exhaust.
  8. I don't like to shop.
  9. I once walked 2 miles in the snow to get a pack of cigarettes, now I can't stand the smell!
  10. I'm a gardening fanatic, I think I have to have every gardening book, magazine and seed there is.
  11. I hate to talk on the phone.
  12. I met my best friend in kindergarten.
  13. I was voted class clown in 7th grade although I've always been a little shy.
  14. Sometimes I just have to start dancing while grocery shopping. Go figure?
  15. When I was little I wanted to drive a race car for a living.

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